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If your thermostat doesn’t have a built in alarm or you are running duel
racks with a thermostat that only monitors one rack, heat tape fails or
even if the power goes out you will now know with a ALARM…
Displays date and time when Min/Max temperatures occur.
The dual probe design is perfect for monitoring temperature in two
separate areas or measure two adjoined areas to insure uniformity.
The two channels records the date and time of the minimum
andmaximum readings, while independently monitoring user
programmable high and low alarms.
The built-in alarm provides an alert when the temperature readings
exceed the pre-set alarm limits, an audible alert will sound and a red LED
will flash.
If the readings return to acceptable limits, the audible alarm will turn off
however, the LED will continue to flash until reset to indicate that during
the test period an alarm was reached.
Alarm is programmable in 1° increments.
Probes are attached to a 3-1/2-ft (1.05 m) micro-cable that permits a doors
to close on it.
Probes and cable are both submersible.
Mount meter with included magnetic strips, or use flip-open stand on

What's Included:
NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by the manufacture, Velcro®
and magnetic strips, and one AAA alkaline battery.

Digital Indicator
Cable lengths of 3.5 ft
Max temperature 70 C / 158 F
Min temperature -50 C / -58 F
Accuracy ±1° C/F
Dimensions 1.75”H x 3.5”W x 1”D
Alarm Yes
Display LCD, triple display, 0.75 in H
Power 1 AAA battery (included)

$55.00 SHIPPED